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 Lecture on Depression (28 August)

Thursday, 28 August 2008 at 7.00 to 8.30 pm

A Depressed Generation?
A lecture on Depression, Anxiety and Medication

By Susana Tillet
Member World Association of. Psychoanalysis
Member Escuela De Orientacion Lacaniana

"According to World Health Organization, in the era of the search for well-being, depression" is becoming a worldwide epidemics which is affecting children as well adults.

However, as clinicians, what do we understand when patients complain they suffer from what they themselves nominate as "depression" which most of the times presents with manifestations of anxiety?

Today this "generalized depression" covers a wide range of affects, inhibitions and symptoms, going from sadness or boredom to mourning or severe melancholia.
As there are different depressive manifestations, the clinician should listen to the subject's particular suffering, especially the impossibility to move forward in life".

Some clinical vignettes will be presented to illustrate these issues. There will be a reference to "Prozac Nation" a film based on the autobiographical novel by Elizabeth Wurtel which is available on DVD.

Registration is required as space is limited
RSVP to Susana Tillet

4901 7009

Contribution: $10

Club Europeo:
Corrientes 327, 21 Floor.


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